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Founded in 1952 by the late Bedford Chapin, Baltimore based Chapin Davis is the oldest full service financial firm domiciled in Baltimore City. With over seven decades, Chapin Davis has been committed to individualized customer service; providing a full complement of financial services from traditional brokerage to holistic asset management. Our unwavering dedication to serving our clients is the cornerstone of Chapin Davis; allowing us to reach your financial goals together.

Vision And Value Statement

As we approach our 70th anniversary, the time is now to reflect upon the journey we have taken over the years. As with all journeys, the goal is to reach the destination with minimal impact; cherishing and valuing the relationships you cultivate along the way. Our journey began with the vision and values of one man who firmly believed the sustainability was solely dependent on these relationships and placing the needs of our clients at the forefront of products, services and revenues. They would anchor every conversation and use it as a guide to make prudent decisions in the best interest of their clients; while, adhering to the highest level of integrity and honesty.

As we embark on the next sixty years, it is the shared vision and values of the late Bedford Chapin and H. Chace Davis that will lead this firm to service the next generation as we did their parents and grandparents. To continue building lifelong relationship one client at a time; allowing financial success to only be defined on their terms, to act on their behalf with the highest level of ethical standards, integrity and honesty To live with our families, raise our children and support our communities as we have done in years past; allowing us to reach our financial goals together.

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